• How is Lucy Air Ambulance different to the Regional Air Ambulances?

The Regional Air Ambulances provide an emergency retrieval and treatment service.  For example in the case of a serious accident or sudden critical illness to the nearest hospital. Lucy Air Ambulance for Children transfers seriously ill babies and children by fixed wing aircraft over long distances to receive the best possible care for their condition. These flights are planned in advance as opposed to emergency retrieval.

  • Does Lucy Air Ambulance for Children have its own aircraft?

We do not have our own aircraft as the cost of keeping a specially equipped light aircraft constantly on standby would be far too expensive. Instead we use a specialist air ambulance charter service, Capital Air, who provide exactly what we need when we need it.

  • Why do you use fixed wing aircraft?

Fixed wing aircraft are more suited to flying long distances without a stopover, are less subject to noise and vibration and can fly in a wider range of weather conditions. They also have more space for the specialist medical team and equipment.

  • What age group do you cover?

Lucy Air Ambulance transfers pre-term babies up to age 16 years.

  • Who is Lucy?

    Lucy is not a child's name - the simple acronym Life-Changing Urgent Care of the Young serves to remind each and every one us working for Lucy Air Ambulance for Children of its ethos and very reason for existence.

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  • I can’t find the information I am looking for – what can I do?

Contact us and we will provide all the help you need.

  • Can I use the photos and stories on the site for my own fundraising?

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